Create a Bounty

Create a content bounty to promote your content, interest or business

Click the "Create Bounty" button to get started

From here you'll be prompted to fill in the details of your bounty. At least one platform is required and you can select multiple (currently Lens and X - formerly Twitter are supported). Title, number of posts, description and budget are required.

If you'd like to try a free option you can select "Free NFT sticker" as the payment option and you'll be prompted to upload an image. This will create a NFT collection with your image and winners will be minted one.

There are several optional fields that can help enrich your bounty.

  • Add tags to promote discoverability and get the types of creators you want

  • Select a minimum follower count to only allow Lens accounts with more followers to bid

  • Include media if you have specific content you want bidders to use or as inspiration

  • "Additional Tasks" allow you to have bidders automatically follow accounts you specify, mirror a post of yours on Lens or quote a post on Lens

  • "Invite Creators" allows you to make the bounty private making it only accessible to Lens handles you specify. These accounts will be automatically send a direct message from the @madfinance account alerting them of the bounty

  • "Promote Your Bounty on Lens" allows you to automatically create a public post on Lens letting people know about your bounty

Once you've filled in all of the options you'd like click "Create Bounty" to continue. If you selected a payment token this will prompt you to approve the bounty contract with the payment token you've selected if necessary and then a transaction to escrow the funds on the bounty contract and initiate the bounty.

If you selected the NFT sticker option then there will only be one transaction to initiate the bounty with the newly created sticker collection

After the transaction complete you will be redirected to the new bounty page where you will be able to view and accept bids, top up funds, edit settings or close and refund your bounty as desired.

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