Publication Bounty

Create a Lens post that pays out other profiles for sponsored posts via Bounties

ℹ️ This open action surfaces our Content Bounties feature.

To initialize a Lens Post with this open action on MadFi

When creating the post, select from "Use Smart Post" dropdown the create bounty option

Since this open action is paying for posts, we have to specify the currency and the budget. For the full options available for Content Bounties - you can create a regular one here.

The inputs allowed by the open action are

  • reward currency (the token to pay with)

  • budget (total amount you are willing to pay for all bids)

An implicit input is that if you include in your post something like "looking for 10 creators...." or "need 5 profiles..." we'll take that number as your desired amount of bids (posts) and every bidder can only bid up to budget / amountOfBids.

After inputting your budget, we'll show you the total cost which includes the protocol fee. This protocol fee is only applied when you accept bids.

We'll share how to initialize the open action programmatically at another time.

To process the act on MadFi

All posts that are initialized with open actions on MadFi have the "Act" button rendered on the bottom right of the post component. So when you share the link to the post with your followers, they can take the action after logging in with their Lens profile.

Anyone can submit a bid, which is Lens post draft. The inputs accepted are

  • bost body

  • bid amount (up to the budget)

  • rev-share % with your club members

  • media attachments (up to 3)

When you submit your bid, it stays in pending until the sponsor accepts it. Your post will only go live when the sponsor approves it, which pays you in the same transaction.

ℹ️ The authenticated sponsor profile will see a button that takes them to their admin panel, where they can see their bounty stats, pending/approved bids, and close the bounty.

Some things to note

  • This smart post is a simple version of our Content Bounties feature. For more options like private invites, minimum follower requirements, and more - create a regular bounty.

  • Bids can only be submitted on clients that integrate our smart post. Only MadFi right now, with support for Hey / Orb expected soon.

  • The bounty stays open until the budget is depleted or the sponsor manually closes it through the admin panel.

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