Promote Social Club

Promote your Social Club Badge with a free or paid mint

⚠️This open action is only available to Badge creators. See Creating a Social Club Badge.

To initialize a Lens Post with this open action on MadFi

When creating the post, select from "Use Smart Post" dropdown the badge mint option

Since this open action enables others to mint our badge, we have to configure the mint. If you've ever created a collectable Lens post, it's the exact same inputs

The inputs allowed by the open action are

  • mint cost

  • mint currency

  • followers only

  • mint limit

  • mint timeframe

We'll share how to initialize the open action programmatically at another time.

To process the act on MadFi

All posts that are initialized with open actions on MadFi have the "Act" button rendered on the bottom right of the post component. So when you share the link to the post with your followers, they can take the action after logging in with their Lens profile.

Each open action is processed differently, so in general we'll render a modal with more information. In this case, the action allows the profile join the social club by minting the badge NFT.

Some things to note

  • although we set the mint limit (ex: up to 100 mints), each badge collection supply is by default 1,000. so there could be 100 free spots now, 100 paid spots after, and anyone that wants to join afterwards must be a paid subscriber

  • each wallet address is only able to mint 1 badge. so even if a wallet owns multiple profiles, they can only join a club through one profile

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