Burning Your Owned Badge

Although the Badge NFTs are non-transferable, token holders can burn their own badge - effectively removing their access to any gated content, and deleting their accrued/redeemable points. This cannot be undone.

Another way badges are burned is if they are minted as the result of a Subscription - and the creator specified that badges should be burned on unsubscribe. By default, they are not burned upon unsubscribing.

How to burn your NFT on MadFi

🚧 Not yet supported

How to burn your NFT on the MadSBT contract

Anyone that owns a MadSBT NFT can burn their token onchain

Contract Address (Polygon) | 0x22209D6eAe6cEBA2d059ebfE67b67837BCC1b428

Function Interface

function burn(uint256 tokenId) external

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