Burning Your Owned Badge

Although the Badge NFTs are non-transferable, token holders can burn their own badge - effectively removing their access to any gated content, and deleting their accrued/redeemable points. This cannot be undone.

Another way badges are burned is if they are minted as the result of a Subscription - and the creator specified that badges should be burned on unsubscribe. By default, they are not burned upon unsubscribing.

How to burn your NFT on MadFi

How to burn your NFT on the MadSBT contract

Anyone that owns a MadSBT NFT can burn their token onchain

Contract Address (Polygon) | 0x22209D6eAe6cEBA2d059ebfE67b67837BCC1b428

Function Interface

function burn(uint256 tokenId) external

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