Crosschain Zora Mint

Mint Zora NFTs from any chain, right from a Lens feed

To initialize a Lens Post with this open action

Just paste a Zora URL right into the post composer! Supported chains are Zora and Base.

To process the act on MadFi

All posts that are initialized with open actions on MadFi have the "Act" button rendered on the bottom right of the post component. So when you share the link to the post with your followers, they can take the action after logging in with their Lens profile.

Each open action is processed differently, so in general we'll render a modal with more information. In this case, the action allows the profile mint a crosschain Zora NFT, by paying in any whitelisted currency on Polygon - and relaying the intent to mint to the remote chain (ex: Base, Zora) via LayerZero.

Some things to note

  • Zora NFTs are priced in ETH on their respective chains, but we allow users to pay for it in any whitelisted currency (ex: WMATIC, USDC)

  • We use the LayerZero Relay Adapter to send native tokens to the destination chain to fulfill the sale

  • We use the Uniswap V3 Quoter to provide swap quotes, taking into account the nft sale price + service fees (mint, relay, open action)

  • Upon sending a transaction on Polygon, users can track the relay via LayerZero Scan

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