Airdrop points to your onchain community

Filter for addresses that match specific criteria and airdrop them points on your badge

Head to the Plugins page to begin

Select any of the options on the page and fill in the details in the modal.

For example: on the NFT collection query enter a contract address for the NFT, a collection id number if its ERC1155, and select the chain that the NFT lives on from the dropdown

After filling in the details click "Preview Query" to verify the results of the query then click "Add Query to Transaction Builder" to add the filter to your criteria.

You can add up to 3 queries. Once you've added the queries you'd like, open the Transaction Builder from the top right and click "Preview Query" to view the list of addresses that match all of the criteria.

If it looks good click the airdrop button to send the transaction. Currently we don't support airdropping to more than 500 addresses at once.


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